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Call 716 439 5253
OPEN  12-5pm Thursday -Sundays


Take a Tour of the Winery!

The Winery:
An Italian winery surrounded by the vineyard on one side, a strolling park, nature trails and an 8 acre lake on the other.

Dining :  Outdoor cafe & Wine  garden by the Lake

Italian hospitality. Take-out options available. Reservations Required. Sample our simple, yet delicious entrees.

The Wine & Vineyards:

The family recipe is used for each batch of wine, whether from handpicked grapes from the west coast, or our Estate grown Riesling. No sugar or additives are used in the process leaving the grape to tell the story of the finished wine! Two favorites you won’t find anywhere else are the Red Zinfandel made from grapes of a 150 year old vine and our Minx collection made from the Muscat grape.


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