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Varallo Vineyards

Varallo Vineyards Graphic

Varallo Vineyards is more than a vineyard; it is a destination. The vineyards are uniquely located in the Town of Lockport and are a part of the family’s 78 acres (which also includes an 8-acre spring fed lake, unique woods, and the winery).

From Gravel to Grapes

The pea gravel used in the landscape today around the grounds was once mined from the property. Around the 1960’s there was not much gravel left to mine and water filled in the pit which is now the lake. When the family first purchased the land they built a cabin and enjoyed the grounds for several years. In the early 1990’s the dream began to build a winery and find a grape that would grow in the sandy soil. After four years of research and a test vineyard, the Varallos determined that the best grape to grow on the property would be a Riesling variety. The process began and over 10 acres of vines were planted.

Riesling Grapevines

The vineyard & grape growing process

We use a state-of-the-art vineyard netting system on our premium Riesling grapes. This consists of a double panel mesh secured atop and below the fruiting wires. Because our grapes are harvested late in the season, this system serves several purposes. Early in the growing season the netting helps train the vines. Once the grapes reach maturity they aid in bird & deer protection. Grapes are hand harvested by opening the net panels. By the time grapes are ready for harvesting, some have dropped off the vine and the netting collects and protects grapes, allowing the extra maturation to take place.

Our Riesling

Varallo Estate Riesling

Smooth, semi-dry, full bodied, with hints of citrus. Full bodied with a sweetness, appropriate for both entrées and desserts.

Varallo Estate Select Late Harvest Riesling

When the grape leaves fade to a crisp shade of gold and the temperatures reach 28ºF for three days it’s time for our Select Late Harvest. Part geography, part soil, and part timing and captured in every bottle from Varallo Vineyards. This wine is one step under an ice wine. The grapes are hand harvested in late December.

Varallo Estate Riesling
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